Hot Wheels released one of the nicest looking Tesla this year as a Mainline. I bought this last week at one of the Hamley Stores here in Bengaluru. The space grey colour (also known as "Midnight Silver") is one of the most unique colour that I have seen for a mainline car. The car is the 9th car out of 10 cars in the series "Factory Fresh". One of the noticeable aspects of the car is the roof, which is made up of a semi-transparent material but is quite reflective in sunlight. This makes it look more realistic and close to a true replica scale model of a car . The scale of this car (like all the Hot Wheels Mainline cars) is 1:64 (That is one unit on the model represents 64 units on the actual car).

Hot Wheels also released a Red and White colour of the same casting last year (2019). I am a proud owner of both of them. Although both of them look nice, the paint job of this car makes it more attractive.

One of the things that could have been improved are the wheels. These cars possess a standard wheels which look quite ordinary.

Tesla Model 3 Midnight Silver