There has been a trend (or rather a tradition) for a lot of collectors to free up carded cars on Friday. I usually do not follow traditions and pretty much un-card (remove it from packaging) cars whenever I feel like.  I am planning to start a tradition of un-carding a car every few Fridays of the month and share some of the pictures with my lovely audience here.

So, today's car would be  a 2018 treasure hunt from Hot Wheels, "Bazoomka". Contrary to what is shown in the display card, it does not include a rider/driver for the car. Also, the casting does not have any moving parts. This is a fantasy car and like much of the Hot Wheels collection, a very well designed car.

The rocket styled shape (similar to an Aeroplane's propeller) towards the front of the vehicle, the metallic read rims on wheels and the very unique mate-finish green colour makes it unique.

There are very few Fantasy cars in my collection. This is one of them.