Last year, I started a new hobby of collecting Hot Wheels die-cast cars.

During my childhood, I was having a great collection of toys. As I grew, all of them were given away except ones from Hot Wheels. While my collection was just a couple of cars and a track-set, letting go of them was bit difficult for me even as an adult. Β The very thought of collecting miniature cars as a hobby was inspired from the Mattel exhibit(the company which makes Hot Wheels cars) at Comic-Con, Mumbai in December 2018.

Comic Con Mumbai 2018 Hot Wheels Exhibit

Hot Wheels Collectors Car Idea

Hot Wheels Comic Con, Mumbai 2018

I primarily collect BatMobiles and replicas of real cars built in 1:64 scale. The 1:64 (or 1/64) here means the cars are built 1/64th the size of the actual car. Most of the popular brands of these scale cars follow a licensed specifications provided by the manufacturer of the actual cars. However, if something appeals to me, I consider it adding to my collection. I have stared collecting cars from other brands like Bburago, Tomica, Jada, etc too.

I made this blog to document my journey as a die-cast collector. It would also feature photos and reviews of the cars and track-sets. I would occasionally also invite fellow collectors to share their journey and inspire readers of this blog.

I am also planning to customise some of these cars in near future and document my tools and techniques through this blog.

Since Hot Wheels have very much been a part of my this year's Christmas decorations, here are some photos of the festive decorations

Lastly, if you wish to contribute a blog-post to this blog drop in a mail at [email protected]