One of the greatest catastrophes to hit 2020 has been COVID-19/Corona Virus. It's all in the news, social media feed and all around the world. This is unarguably one of the most challenging time for the entire world. On March 22, 2020; Indian Government proposed a complete Lockdown to curb and reduce the impact of this pandemic. Many people (including myself) had already self-isolated themselves since the first week of March with an intention of not being a host to this deadly virus.

Most of the companies had already embraced "Work From Home"/Remote work before the lockdown. Working remotely from home has inspired many people to pursue their hobby during free time and/or on weekends. The time spent travelling on work has shifted to spending quality time with Family and pursuing Hobbies. Dark Times, but this seems one silver lining.

Most of my weekends are filled with learning newest web development techniques, meeting friends and last but not the least: Peg-Hunting (purchasing Hot Wheels cars).

This weekend, instead of laying on the bed all day and watching Netflix (not that I say its wrong); I did something special. I finished my first ever Parking-lot Diorama and created a message for my friends and readers.

I took all my die-cast collection out and made an awesome "BE SAFE" text using some of the Hot Wheels I own. The result had turned out to be amazing. So, I decided to also include all my cars collection, create a video and share a very detailed blog post (which you are reading currently).

(I do own a massive Hot Wheels Garage and 3 Track-sets which have not been included in this post)

Be Safe, Play at Home

The first set in the following image is all BatMobiles. The following set is the "Perl and White series" released around a month back to celebrate 52nd Anniversary of Hot Wheels. The black carded cars next to the set are the Premium Art Card/Hot Wheels exotics consisting of Blue McLaren P1, Gold Lamborghini Trofro, Β White Ford GT, Black Bentley Continental Dark Green Corvette C7 and Orange Porsche 934 RSR.

First Ever Diorama

A diorama is a scaled miniature representation of a scene/venue or an object. It is often built by hobbyists as part of related hobbies such as Hot Wheels/Die-cast Car Collectors, military vehicle modelling, miniature figure modelling, etc.

While I had already printed out background, Floor and dividers a couple of months back; I never got time to build and assemble this up. (Although the assembly work was not more than an hours job). I used some recycled cardboard box (which was used to store my carded Mainline Hot Wheels Cars). The result turned out to be quite amazing. All the cars on this diorama are Hot Wheels Tesla cars.

Parking Lot Diorama

Batman / BatMobiles Collection

One of my favourite Batman cars in my collection has to be the one and only 1:24 scale "Arkham Knight BatMobile" from Jada. This beauty is approximately 20cm and the biggest scale of die-cast cars I own. It's a detailed model and the front door can be opened and closed.

Jada Batman Arkham Knight (1:24 Scale)

Here are some of Hot Wheels Batman Collection (I do have some carded/packed ones, will un-card them and make a review post later)